Set the Sleep Mood – MSN Health & Fitness – Sleep Disorders

Set the Mood – MSN Health & Fitness – Sleep Disorders

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Are you getting the Healthiest Sleep Possible?

Newsflash: the average person doesn’t get enough sleep to maintain optimal brain health and slow the aging process. We know, we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know. Unfortunately, for many of us, stare-at-the-ceiling nights are the norm.

Naturally Organic Sleep is committed to providing a better night’s sleep, and we understand that everyone’s version of healthy sleep is unique. Your mom said you need 8 hours every night, but your body may only need 6 hours – as long as it’s uninterrupted. You might be an early riser while your partner’s brain doesn’t reload until mid-morning.

Whatever your sleep needs, it’s important to understand the science of sleep and how it relates to your mattress, pillow and bedding. Our Health Pages explore how different materials can help you customize your sleep experience.

Our mandate is to provide the healthiest sleep possible using the most natural materials available. From our electric adjustable bases to our organic bedding, we explain what makes sleep healthy.

Wool naturally repels dust mites, bed bugs and common allergens – but its good-for-you qualities don’t stop there. Find out why we use it in our pillows, mattresses and mattress pads

Organic Wool works wonders

Organic Wool works wonders

Suffering from Allergies?

Your mattress may be your biggest enemy when it comes to allergy control. Off gassing, dust mites, mold and mildew are typical sleep inhibitors for those who suffer with allergies. In fact, 85% of asthmatics are reported to be sensitive to the powerful allergens that dust mites release into the air. Microscopic in size, thousands of them live and breathe in the pillows and mattresses in your home.

Surrounding yourself in natural sleep products can help alleviate sleep disturbances such as breathing difficulties and allergic reactions. We use natural and breathable materials that enhance deep sleep by creating a naturally fresh, arid sleep environment. Wool’s natural ability to reduce the moisture level in the bed reduces the ability for mold, mildew and dust mites to thrive. This is important for people who have allergies. Say goodbye to problems like waking with a stuffy nose, puffy eyes and an overall feeling of grogginess. Our sleep systems are an ideal choice for  your health and the life you deserve.

Bamboo Pillows – Guaranteed for life

Alpha Bedding – 100% Bamboo Pillows

These pillows are so comfortable, priced right, packaged conveniently and guaranteed for life, no wonder we sold out at our last show! Better hurry, these guys are going fast!

  • Naturally Antibacterial requiring no additives
  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritating, great for sensitive skin
  • Cool, breathable, and luxurious for a more restful sleep
  • Natural Micro-Gaps wick away moisture
  • Bamboo is organically grown without harmful pesticides or fertilizers
  • SigmaFill™ is the most unique and down-like feeling man-made fiber
  • 50% pre-consumer recycled material in the filling further reduces environmental impact
  • Completely washable, time after time
  • Superior guarantee against pillows ever losing their loft when properly cared for
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    Get yours today

    Get yours today

    Pillow in its Carrying Case

    Pillow in its Carrying Case