Krill Oil – Friend or Foe

My Own Experience

As a health enthusiast, and someone who wants to find out about ways to feel my best naturally,  I am always interested in the latest and greatest new supplement. Unfortunately, Fish Oil and I did not always seem to agree, the indigestion and overall ill feeling that it gave me outweighed anyway potential benefit, so much to my friendly fish oil fanatic’s dismay, I stopped taking it. When I heard about Krill oil, I must admit that I was equally skeptical so I decided to go right to the source:  my Physician. She was all for it, surprisingly open-minded, after she reviewed the few medications that I take regularly, including other vitamin supplements, she told me to give it a try, then asked me to keep her updated with the outcome. She explained that everyone’s system is different thus will react differently to any supplement but ultimately recommended that I give it a try.

And try it I did! Although I was aware of the many potential benefits of Krill Oil:  Ability to promote fat loss, reduce inflammation, decrease joint pain, improve heart health, and even  provide relief from PMS symptoms, the number one thing that I noticed however was my mood seemed to improve. Now, I am not typically a believer in “snake oil” potions but after a few weeks of taking my Krill Oil supplement, friends and family commented on my positive attitude. I experienced a sense of well-being, renewed hope and I felt more energized, something that I gave up on years ago. I assumed that it was just part of the aging process.

What is Krill Oil and How is it different from Fish Oil 

Krill oil is oil from a tiny, shrimp-like animal.  People extract the oil from krill, place it in capsules, and use it for medicine.  Many benefits are found when comparing krill oil vs fish oil. The most important thing to note is that krill oil contains many more antioxidants than fish oil does, which allows it to be absorbed into the body quicker to be much more effective.  While I did finally learned that both supplements can work to decrease arthritis pain, improve depression, and promote weight loss, the krill oil does not have any aftertaste that may be common with the fish oil capsules. Where either supplement can be taken to relieve high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and heart disease, a lower dose of krill oil can be taken for the same effect.

Is Krill Oil another fishy fad or a legitimate health benefit? I say, try it for yourself, I think you will find as I did, the Krill Oil, although not a cure-all, will provide far better results – for whatever ails you!

Hears to your Health, Naturally!          

The Krill Pill - Is it for you?