Get that summer waistline without surgery: CoolSculpting revolutionizes stubborn fat removal

Now that summer is in full swing, if you are like so many other  intelligent, healthy women, you want that summer waistline, perhaps more like you had before the kids or prior to that chair-friendly desk job. With bodies more in focus this season, you have exercised, dieted and tried every new revolutionary infomercial gadget on the market, but still, you wonder if you are just not able to get that sculpted waistline without surgery. You are not alone, however, invasive surgical treatments could have dangerous side affects and are not a cool alternative for stubborn fat removal. If you are an otherwise healthy person and find yourself struggling with problem area, surgery is a rather extreme solution.  Whether it’s that stomach that spills over your jeans after you battle to button them or the lack of a waist that makes dawning a swim suit for those summer water sports a time to dread, not celebrate, you want and deserve a quick, safe solution!

This is where CoolSculpting comes in. CoolSculpting is a concept developed by Harvard scientists, and it is a unique, patented, and clinically proven procedure that involves painlessly freezing fat the cells in your problem area without damage to your skin. You can actually read or listen to music during the approximate hour CoolSculpting Procedure time. There is no knife, suction hoses or needles.  After your treatment, you get on with your life, and not home to your bedroom to hide and recuperate with a collection of pain medications and disguises.  On average, each CoolSculpting Procedure results in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated area. After the first treatment is complete, you can obtain further reductions with additional procedures. Everyone is different and while many patients are satisfied after one procedure, some require subsequent visits to attain their ideal look. A treatment plan is discussed between you and your Doctor to design a look what suits you best. I urge anyone plagued with the frustration of stubborn fat removal to visit CoolSculpting’s Site, before you even consider surgery. Read about how other women are feeling so much better about themselves, listen to the videos from: “Good Morning America” “The Today Show” and more. Hear the buzz about your summer waistline ready for summer on the beach and not healing from surgery in bed.

And if this isn’t exciting enough, Coolsculpting on Facebook is challenging you to reclaim your body in just 12 weeks! The 12 Weeks to Change Challenge is happening now, simply click on the link to enter and read about the amazing weekly prizes! Just to give you an enticing  preview, the Grand Prize is Two CoolSculpting® Treatments valued at $1500 each, one awarded to a male winner and one awarded to a female winner, and the 2nd Prize for Week One: Tech40 Accelerator Pulse Sport Watch: Measures speed, distance, calories, steps and heart rate – $89.99.  The sooner you sign up the sooner you will have the cool sculpted beach ready body and the prizes make it even sweeter. “Like” CoolSculpting on Facebook too, joining thousands of others that have read about the CoolSculpting trend on Facebook and truly “like” that they can sport that new waistline with confidence this summer, not surgery.

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Austin’s leading cleaning and restoration services offers environmentally responsible and safe cleaning for pet stains

green cleaning servicesAs one of Austin’s many animal lovers, I must admit that I spend a large part of my day cleaning those endearing stains left by one of our many pets and beloved family members. Not only have I been unable to remove the offending pet stains, the odor seems to linger endlessly, no matter what  new environmentally responsible and safe cleaning product I try. What’s worse, I learned that the cleaning products and methods used by many “professional” Cleaning and Restoration Companies used specifically for removing pet stains and their associated odors are filled with harmful chemicals that I certainly don’t want my pets subjected to, much less my family.

Surprisingly, my search for information on green carpet cleaning tips and pet stains was not nearly as difficult as I initially anticipated. With all the environmental advocates and chemical free buzz these days, before  I knew it, I was reading about a carpet cleaning company called The Steam Team located right here in Austin that is quite  experienced with the environmentally responsible and safe removal of the stains left by our furry friends as well as the hard to get rid of odor that seems to be synonymous with any indoor pet.

All of The Steam Team’s “green” cleaning products are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, safe for pets and humans, and most products are made exclusively of all natural ingredients. This was my primary concern and the reason that I am sharing this post with Naturally Organic’s Blog. Check out their services, many helpful tips and their commitment to ethical and quality work by visiting their site:

Whether  you book a service or just check out some of their testimonials and FAQ, I think you will be as impressed as we were!

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Scrubs:The Latest in Fashion Fun:Not just for the Office Anymore!

Walk into to any medical office  these days and chances are you will find a stylish, fun group of medical professionals wearing the latest in “scrub” fashion that makes you forget why you are there. Whether you are undergoing a scheduled biopsy or having your teeth cleaned, the attire worn by the medical staff today is very different from the drab duds of yesteryear! I even have friends who buy scrubs as you would sweats, mix and match for fashion fun and style, in or away from your office!

One of our favorite online scrub treasure troves, where you can check out the absolute best selection of fashionable scrubs is at They carry a wide assortment for wen, women and children, in addition to the most adorable accessories that will amaze and impress. Let’s face it, going in for a medical procedure of any kind is not one’s favorite thing to do so the environment you are in will set the tone for how feel about the office and your experience in general. My advice: take care of yourself and smile wearing your own set of custom scrubs, life is too short to have anything but fun!

scrubs and a smile at BlueSky