Suffering from Allergies?

Your mattress may be your biggest enemy when it comes to allergy control. Off gassing, dust mites, mold and mildew are typical sleep inhibitors for those who suffer with allergies. In fact, 85% of asthmatics are reported to be sensitive to the powerful allergens that dust mites release into the air. Microscopic in size, thousands of them live and breathe in the pillows and mattresses in your home.

Surrounding yourself in natural sleep products can help alleviate sleep disturbances such as breathing difficulties and allergic reactions. We use natural and breathable materials that enhance deep sleep by creating a naturally fresh, arid sleep environment. Wool’s natural ability to reduce the moisture level in the bed reduces the ability for mold, mildew and dust mites to thrive. This is important for people who have allergies. Say goodbye to problems like waking with a stuffy nose, puffy eyes and an overall feeling of grogginess. Our sleep systems are an ideal choice for  your health and the life you deserve.