Problems with your existing mattress? Body impressions, overheating, and/or chemical sensitivities?

Good news, we can fix it!

-Body impressions: We’ll replace any compressed memory foam that result in body impressions.

*Body impressions frequently occur under the surface in memory foam mattresses. Temper Pedic’s warranty only covers the surface.

-We’ll replace damaged foam with new memory foam or superior latex (talalay or dunlop). This service actually provides a higher quality mattress than the one originally purchased!
-Overheating/ chemical sensitivities: We can replace your existing cover with an Organic cotton cover encased with organic wool.

*Many memory foam mattresses (particularly Tempurpedic) need to capture the user’s body temperature to properly adjust the support. This results in “sleeping hot”

*Since memory foam is a petroleum based product, chemically sensitive user’s find it difficult to sleep directly on these mattresses.

*Most fire retardants are comprised of toxic materials.

-By adding an organic cover, the user sleeps cooler (wool is naturally temperature neutral) and not directly on the memory foam materials. We can also remove the fire retardant sleeve (wool is an organic fire retardant). As a result not only will you sleep cooler, you’ll sleep healthier as well!

-Please Email us or call us at 650-344-0100 and we can determine how to make your existing mattress as organic, healthy, and perfect as possible!