New Eco Fantastic Mattresses from Natura

Mattress Madness

Mattress Madness

Natura’s latest organic mattresses, Eco Advantage and Eco Transcend, were designed entirely with earth-friendly materials from the sustainable hardwood frame to the 100% organic cotton mattress covers, luxuriously handcrafted and free of chemicals, pesticides and dyes.

The Eco Advantage provides all the advantages of a healthy, personalized sleep. It features an eight-inch core of all-natural latex which provides deep, whole body support with contouring comfort. A unique, removable cushion top features customizable soft or firm latex inserts, allowing each partner to personalize her/his sleep surface. A layer of organic Natura Grow Wool™ wicks away moisture to create a fresh, temperature-controlled sleep environment that is also free of allergens. Luxurious, organic cotton sateen ticking adorns the mattress’ organic cotton cover.

The Eco Transcend slat mattress features all-natural Talalay latex atop ash wood dual slats for a supportive feel that adjusts to the body’s curves. It provides deep, whole body support with contouring comfort. The removable cushion top is filled with two inches of natural latex and a layer of organic Natura Grow Wool™ for a comfortable, temperature-controlled sleep. Both organic models offer the additional benefit of a 100% organic wool fire barrier.

Eco Fantastic - 2  Natura Organic Matresses

Eco Fantastic - 2 Natura Organic Matresses

Wrap yourself in Natural Comfort

Home-Banner_3The Classic All Seasons comforter is a medium weight comforter ideal for year round comfort. Filled with 10oz/yd² Natura Wool™ to help regulate body temperature throughout the night, allowing you achieve longer periods of deep, healthy sleep. Natura Wool also wicks away excess moisture, creating a fresh, dry sleep environment that repels common allergens. The soft, unbleached 100% cotton cover is quilted to the fill to eliminate shifting, clumping and hollow spots.  Get this  comforter now.

Natural All SeasonsNatural All Seasons Comforter Comforter

Dress yourself and your bed in a comforter that offers year-round temperature and humidity control in cozy softness. Comfort without comprise is our motto because a good night’s sleep has to be better than “good enough.” You deserve a good night’s sleep and we can help you get it – tonight.

Comfort without Chemicals tonight

Does your Head-Bed Measure up? The Ultimate Pillow by Natura

A pillow that supports your spine, while easing tension from the neck and shoulders, is just as important as your mattress.

Think of it as a bed for your head. Click the link to learn more about The Ultimate Pillow.

Get ready to be impressed! Filled with 100% Talalay latex, this pillow marries ultimate comfort with ergonomic support. Resilient, cuddly and totally huggable, just the way you like it. Pillow testers agree, the Ultimate Pillow offers a soothing, supportive and healthy alternative to down-filled pillows.

The zip-off terry cover seals in a layer of NaturaWool™ that wicks away moisture and repels common allergens like dust mites, mold and mildew.

Many of us store tension in our neck and shoulders, and sleeping on a pillow that doesn’t relieve stress exposes us to health issues as we age. A supportive pillow can relax muscles, buffer pressure points and help you get the rest you need.

Finding a supportive, comfortable pillow

Finding a supportive, comfortable pillow