Mom and Me

Guest post written by Christine Duncan

My mom and I splurged on Dish Television a few years back and it’s been the reason for my late in life change in occupation. I realized one day I was watching show after show about psychology (Intervention, Hoarders, etc.) and I thought to myself “why don’t I do something with people who need my help?” So I’m about to graduate with my counseling degree and that’s making me feel like I’m finally going to be doing what I’ve been meant to do all along – I can’t wait to get started. I really wish I hadn’t wasted so much time working at school but it was a good solution when my daughter was young and I needed something flexible. I can’t wait to get started on my new career path and even though I’m pretty late in the game I’m happy to know that I’m finally going to be pursuing my calling. There’s nothing standing in the way of me and what I was meant to do and that’s really exciting to me!