Eye on it

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

I found this great new website that helps you save money. It is called eyeona.com. It it pronounced like slang “eye on it”. You can use your smart phone to connect to the internet after taking a picture of a barcode. When I am out shopping and see something that I like, I take a picture of the barcode. When I get home, I use my clear tv internet to upload the picture to the “eye on it website”. You can create a profile and manage the things that you are interested in. The website will track the item on-line and alert you to when the item actually goes on sale. For example , the other day I found a really great pair of frye boots that I wanted. Of course they were a ton of money at the store, but “eye on it” found them half off at an internet retailer’s site! It was so awesome!! I just couldn’t believe it. I am really excited and happy about this website. I just want to let everyone know about it! It is a great way to save money and get the things that you really want.