Sleeplesss in San Francisco

Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Boric Acid? No wonder so many people have trouble sleeping…being eaten alive and poisoned by the very piece of furniture that has always brought you the greatest comfort! Your Bed.
Rock a bye baby, Nighty-Night, don’t let the bed-bugs bite…You get the picture. Am I over reacting here or are we getting mixed messages!?
Of course we all have insomnia. But-there is help my tossing and turning friends! A way to turn that tempting foam terror back into the tree top haven that you fondly remember-without spending thousands! Really.
It starts with how you look at it!
Gather together all that you hold dear, even that worn our teddy bear with one eye. Now, create your comfort zone! Can’t afford a new organic bed? Attach together a cotton and/or wool topper and comforter; Voila an organic sleep envelope that makes you feel “at home” anywhere…Add a few candles and soft music-now relax by tightening and then releasing every part of your entire body starting with your head and working down.
If you aren’t asleep by the time you get done, you will at least be tension free!
Let me know how it works!
Sweet Dreams to you all!

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Sleep like a Baby?


Sleep Envelope – All Natural – All Natura

Sleep Envelope

Sleep Envelope

A NaturaWool comforter and wool mattress pad work together to eliminate what keeps you up at night. Tossing and turning, allergies and the, “My partner’s hot, I’m not,” complaint fades away when you’re cocooned in the plush comfort of wool-filled bedding.

Join us in San Jose, Ca. for the Fall Home Show

Sensation Green Mattress

Sensation Green Mattress

Join Naturally Organic Sleep and scads of other vendors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday –  October 16th, 17th and 18th 2009 at the San Jose Mcenery Convention Center, 150 West San Carlos St., SJ, CA 95113 for the San Jose Fall Home Show! Call us for more information; 650-344-0100 or 650-834-1499.

Look for Naturally Organic Sleep: we will be showcasing several Natura Favorites! The Sensation Mattress paired with one of our electric bases provides the ultimate in slumber euphoria – With the click of a button on the included remote control you can give yourself an invigorating massage, soothe tense, tired muscles, boost circulation by lifting head or feet, or relax your entire body, lulled to sleep with a series of light vibrations.

We will also have an array of our favorite pillows and sleep accessories available, sleep information and the option to consult with our sleep expert who will schedule you for a free sleep assessment! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Healthy Sleep Improves the quality of Life!

Chemical Free Sleep -We will show you how it will improve your performance and your quality of life!

Eco Pillows-For Sleep without chemicalsOrganic Bliss-Eco Haven Mattress by Natura

Eco Haven Mattress from Natura-All Organic - All Terrific

Are you getting the Healthiest Sleep Possible?

Newsflash: the average person doesn’t get enough sleep to maintain optimal brain health and slow the aging process. We know, we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know. Unfortunately, for many of us, stare-at-the-ceiling nights are the norm.

Naturally Organic Sleep is committed to providing a better night’s sleep, and we understand that everyone’s version of healthy sleep is unique. Your mom said you need 8 hours every night, but your body may only need 6 hours – as long as it’s uninterrupted. You might be an early riser while your partner’s brain doesn’t reload until mid-morning.

Whatever your sleep needs, it’s important to understand the science of sleep and how it relates to your mattress, pillow and bedding. Our Health Pages explore how different materials can help you customize your sleep experience.

Our mandate is to provide the healthiest sleep possible using the most natural materials available. From our electric adjustable bases to our organic bedding, we explain what makes sleep healthy.

Wool naturally repels dust mites, bed bugs and common allergens – but its good-for-you qualities don’t stop there. Find out why we use it in our pillows, mattresses and mattress pads

Organic Wool works wonders

Organic Wool works wonders