My second year as a kindergarten teacher

Guest post written by Jenny Lawson

One of the things that I always knew that I wanted to do with my life was teach. At first I thought that I wanted to teach high school, but then after a while I decided that I wanted to teach  younger kids then. I volunteered with an after school literacy program and I realized that I really loved teaching kids how to read. So kindergarten it was! Now I’m getting ready to welcome my second class of kindergarteners and I think that it’s going to be so wonderful!

As a new teacher, I know that there are things I can improve upon and I went online to see if I could find some tips that I could apply to my kindergarten class for this year. While I was looking for that, I ran across the site I showed it to my roommates and after that I decided to change over my apartment’s internet access to one of the packages that I found on there.

I did pick up a few tips from some kindergarten teachers that also blog. That might be a neat thing for me to do, share my adventures as a teacher. That is at least the ones that are fit to share.

Improving the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers

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There really is an alternative to living a life that is completely dependent on your pain level for the day. Instead of ingesting multiple mystery medications into your system that may or may not ease your symptoms or perhaps cause even worse problems, be sure to visit LGMedSupply Online. They also have an online customer blog that provides extensive product information, customer testimonials and of course, the chance to interact with other pain sufferers.

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