Use your FSA Account to buy a Mattress Today!

flex account savings

Use your FSA to buy a new mattress!

Flexible Spending Account Eligible-Use it Don’t Lose it!

To make sure that you don’t sacrifice your valuable flexible spending account dollars come new year, why not Sleep Easy on a new mattress from Naturally Organic Sleep! Many plans have “use it or lose” it rule; At the end of the year, all unused money in your FSA goes to your employer.

Use your Flexible Spending Account Now to Buy a New Mattress!

  • Save! Naturally Organic Sleep is FSA Eligible
  • Convenient! Use Your FSA Benefits Card for Naturally Organic Sleep products
  • Smart! FSA Account funds are tax free, pre-funded and immediatly available
  • Save More! See Doctor’s Sleep Tips for even more savings

4 thoughts on “Use your FSA Account to buy a Mattress Today!

  1. Ship says:

    Mattresses are not covered by FSA’s…only in extreme rare conditions if needed to actually treat amedical condition and then usually only hospital beds.

    • Thanks for your email-sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but I do want to agree with you on one end, typically mattresses are not covered by FSAs. Most of the mattresses that we sell at naturally organic sleep are custom mattresses however which require a prescription and then they are covered by most HSAs and FSAs. We have a handy print out RX form on our website (or you can also get at our store) that we fax to your Doctor with a letter explaining your situation, and how and why a custom mattress would benefit you, be it allergies, back or neck problems, etc. Let us know if you want additional help or information. Thanks!

  2. Kathy miller says:

    I need to use flex spending money before march 15th!!! Please help me I have chronic spine issues and migraines . My poster has cause my spine joints to thin. Bi can get a prescriptiOn I’m sure.

    • Dear Kathy, I am sorry that I was not able to get back to you sooner, perhaps you were able to get that mattress RX before your deadline for your flex spending deadline??
      If not, maybe you can try to plan for purchase when you fund your FSA account for this year and then go to see your doctor explaining the pain that you endure each night. Naturally Organic Sleep can help you to pick out a new mattress or sleep system that should alleviate some if not all of these problems. We will then fax the blank RX to your Doctor, he signs and sends back so you can then fund the sleep system with these pre-tax dollars. Call: (650) 344-0100.

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