Electronic Medical Records: Health Care made Simple

ImageNo doubt about it, if you have visited a hospital or medical facility lately you probably have a good idea of how complicated the entire process has become. Signing page after page of legal terminology that is meant to protect your safety and privacy as well as the hospital’s liability gives one a glimpse of the sheer volume of paperwork that any healthcare facility must manage. Just imagine what goes on behind the scenes. The last thing that a patient should be forced to worry about is their medical records so Optimus  EMR  has responded to this need with an innovative Electronic Medical Records Software.

Optimus EMR has designed a solution that organizes and enhances patient care, increases the efficiency of reimbursement and reduces operational expenses. The ability to empower staff to manage diverse and complex clinical activities increases profitability, reduces costs and most importantly, Electronic Health Records clearly reduce Facility risks.

This allows patients to concentrate on their healthcare and a recovery plan and not worry about the accuracy and availability of their clinical records. In addition, with the increasing population of senior citizens, Optimus EMR has developed a comprehensive long term care software solution. This Nursing Home Software works for organizations and chains of all sizes and needs, featuring three different starting points! The time to improve the health care experience is now, proactively reducing costs and ensuring patients an efficient and organized medical experience.




Quitting Smoking: What’s Really New?

ImageAre you as sick as I am of hearing about yet another guaranteed smoking cessation program? I think it has reached the point where I block many of these claims out, unless I can see and understand for myself why it works. Like most things in life however, especially health zapping bad habits, one must be truly motivated to make that change in order for it to really work.

The reason for giving up those toxic little treats may differ, whether it is a pressing health issue, Doctor’s orders, lifestyle change, it doesn’t matter. The point is, beating smoking is never easy. I have found that there are really no magic cures. Rather, what is needed is a very determined attitude and a strong resolve to quit. One must enter into this positive smoke-free transformation with an open mind, remembering all of the wonderful things that a life free of cigarettes will bring to smokers and their families!

Educate yourself. Instead of blocking out all that we don’t understand, learn about your body, mind and the environment in which we all live. This might be the incentive that you need to make a few changes that will enhance your life and the quality in which you live.

Beating Smoking:A new way to a healthy life

How many times do smokers make that promise to quit smoking, one more time, one more program, and yet, most of the time, one more failure. I hate to sound so hopeless but the statistics are not optimistic. Even in our increasingly health conscious society, millions of people try to quit smoking with less than a ten percent success rate. Ironically, in order to be successful at anything we must be brimming with hope and promise, approaching the change with a positive attitude.

Beating smoking is without a doubt, a major lifestyle change. Most of us are aware of the enormous health benefits of quitting the habit however this is simply not enough. Perhaps everyone has a different reason for giving up cigarettes but one thing remains constant in the success stories that I am aware of: the willingness to try something new.

Approaching this addiction beast with an open mind will allow one to absorb new concepts and one of them just might take hold! Let’s face it, smoking is no longer cool, in fact many cities have outlawed the practice altogether. When was the last time you saw a runner holding a cigarette or a soccer Mom driving to practice with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Maybe they know that health and smoking don’t mix and because most of us want to be around for awhile enjoying a quality life, make beating the smoking habit a priority!

Bradford Drug and Alcohol Treatment for your family’s health

These days it seems like everyone is interested in making those positive changes to improve their family’s health, educating themselves on the latest techniques to insure a long and productive life. One problem that is often overlooked for a variety of reasons is addiction perhaps because many people don’t view alcohol and drug addiction as medical conditions for which effective treatment is available. The good news is that help is accessible so the sooner that treatment is obtained the better chance there is for long term recovery, both physical and mental.

Bradford Health Services offers Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers that residents turn to for innovative addiction treatment which offers a follow up or “continuing care program” that many attribute their recovery to. The reason that many shorter term addiction treatments fail is because once the residential portion is complete, many addicts don’t have the strong support system needed for longer outpatient success. Whatever the demon, any major lifestyle change requires replacing the bad habits with good healthy ones. Not an easy task!

Most of us know that a life free of alcohol and drugs is imperative to a happy, healthy existence but in a world filled with increasing stress and pressure, it is easy to get caught in the downward spiral of chemical dependency. Bradford offers various programs and services that help patients and their families with their individual needs. An Atlanta Drug Rehab like no other, Bradford has been treating addiction for decades. Whatever the addiction, there is healing and there is always hope, you just have to take the first step!


Krill Oil – Friend or Foe

My Own Experience

As a health enthusiast, and someone who wants to find out about ways to feel my best naturally,  I am always interested in the latest and greatest new supplement. Unfortunately, Fish Oil and I did not always seem to agree, the indigestion and overall ill feeling that it gave me outweighed anyway potential benefit, so much to my friendly fish oil fanatic’s dismay, I stopped taking it. When I heard about Krill oil, I must admit that I was equally skeptical so I decided to go right to the source:  my Physician. She was all for it, surprisingly open-minded, after she reviewed the few medications that I take regularly, including other vitamin supplements, she told me to give it a try, then asked me to keep her updated with the outcome. She explained that everyone’s system is different thus will react differently to any supplement but ultimately recommended that I give it a try.

And try it I did! Although I was aware of the many potential benefits of Krill Oil:  Ability to promote fat loss, reduce inflammation, decrease joint pain, improve heart health, and even  provide relief from PMS symptoms, the number one thing that I noticed however was my mood seemed to improve. Now, I am not typically a believer in “snake oil” potions but after a few weeks of taking my Krill Oil supplement, friends and family commented on my positive attitude. I experienced a sense of well-being, renewed hope and I felt more energized, something that I gave up on years ago. I assumed that it was just part of the aging process.

What is Krill Oil and How is it different from Fish Oil 

Krill oil is oil from a tiny, shrimp-like animal.  People extract the oil from krill, place it in capsules, and use it for medicine.  Many benefits are found when comparing krill oil vs fish oil. The most important thing to note is that krill oil contains many more antioxidants than fish oil does, which allows it to be absorbed into the body quicker to be much more effective.  While I did finally learned that both supplements can work to decrease arthritis pain, improve depression, and promote weight loss, the krill oil does not have any aftertaste that may be common with the fish oil capsules. Where either supplement can be taken to relieve high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and heart disease, a lower dose of krill oil can be taken for the same effect.

Is Krill Oil another fishy fad or a legitimate health benefit? I say, try it for yourself, I think you will find as I did, the Krill Oil, although not a cure-all, will provide far better results – for whatever ails you!

Hears to your Health, Naturally!          

The Krill Pill - Is it for you?