At What Cost Beauty? The BEST Beauty Secret

I must say that if I remember anything from 2010 it will be the health craze! I mean, when was the last time you listened to the news without hearing about some new danger in the foods we eat, where we live or even what we sleep on. Everyone has their own opinion on what’s tabu and most important-what will make us younger, happier and more appealing and beautiful!

The older I get-the more that I am convinced that beauty is truly what you make it! Exude confidence and you will be gorgeous! Wrinkles may abound but if you are at peace inside and enjoy your life then you have the most valuable asset: true beauty.

I just wish that more young women could understand this concept. Having gone through my own lack of self-esteem when young, I punished myself so severely, just because I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. Why? Well that’s a different blog, however I am convinced that it is a combination of  nature and nurture…Unfortunately, the side-effects of self-hatred can sometimes have devastating and long-reaching consequences as you grow into adulthood!

Even the emperor “Can’t buy back one single day” so my mission is to try to instill confidence in more vulnerable young souls, otherwise destined to self-mutilate, use drugs, experience severe depression and eventually end up institutionalized or dead. This is the ultimate cost that noone deserves to pay! Please join me! Everyone has beauty and deserves to live a full, productive life!


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