About Naturally Organic Sleep

Sleep better-Feel better

Naturally Organic Sleep has sold safe sleep products since 1997. Whether you VISIT OUR SHOWROOM in Burlingame, California or SHOP ONLINE 24/7 in comfort of your soon-to-be toxin-free bedroom, we are committed to a healthy planet that sustains healthy people.

We are often recognized in the Media. Owner and Chief Resident “Sleepologist” Howard Atkins is formerly the Director of the Coyote Point Health Center  where he worked with Dr. Steven Chin in Acupuncture and many other Doctors since 1960. He was licensed by the State of California as Director of his own school of Therapy and went on to work with the Stanford Sleep Disorder Clinic, redirecting his knowledge and efforts to the study of sleep disorders and natural healing methods.  Howard continues to do extensive research on the effectiveness of multiple natural remedies and welcomes feedback, suggestions and ideas.

He is working on a line of chemical free sleep systems, custom designed to meet the needs of each customer.

Dr. Sleep Howard Atkins



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