Mobility Works for everyone:Vans made for the Handicapped

ImageAlthough I consider myself to be an enlightened individual, I am reluctant to admit how much I still take my own mobility for granted. It is relatively easy for most of us to hop in the car and go without giving it a second thought. But what if those last minute trips to the store were not so simple? Or even worse, what if there was an emergency?

Luckily, there is MobilityWorks, a national chain that provides vans for wheel chairs and serves the disabled community with wheelchair accessible lowered floor minivans, full-size handicapped equipped vans and a commercial line of fleet vehicles to thousands of individuals and business clients each year. MobilityWorks stands out as the leading handicap van and adaptive equipment retailer in the United States and the largest conversion manufacturer of commercial vans for transporting disabled riders.

Unless one lives with a mobility challenge or has personally transported someone with limited mobility it is hard to imagine how important it is to have the ability to move around as needed. Decreasing one’s reliance on others allows for a new-found freedom that is both challenging and liberating for disabled folks! MobilityWorks makes the world accessible to everyone by customizing vehicles to suit the rider!


One thought on “Mobility Works for everyone:Vans made for the Handicapped

  1. jay Shenton says:

    Its hard for people to truly grasp how difficult it is getting in out of mobility chairs all day. Im glad to see that manufacturers are really trying to help the disabled like my son get around more easily.

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