Police Neighbor

Thanks to Roman May

My neighbor just came over to return a cupcake pan she had borrowed for her daughter’s birthday. We got to talking, like we always seem to do, and she mentioned to me that they are getting ADT security soon. I was surprised to hear that because I’ve always felt so safe where we live, but she said it was her husband’s idea. He is a police officer, so that kinda makes me concerned. If he wants to get an alarm system, than he probably is right about that. He knows the ins and outs of what goes on in this town, and he sees crime and violence every day. She said it would surprise me some of the things he sees going on in our little town. When my husband gets home tonight, I’m going to mention it to him to see what he thinks. Now that she brought it to my attention, I’ve got it on my mind and think that maybe it would be a good idea for us as well. We’ll see.


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