My second year as a kindergarten teacher

Guest post written by Jenny Lawson

One of the things that I always knew that I wanted to do with my life was teach. At first I thought that I wanted to teach high school, but then after a while I decided that I wanted to teach  younger kids then. I volunteered with an after school literacy program and I realized that I really loved teaching kids how to read. So kindergarten it was! Now I’m getting ready to welcome my second class of kindergarteners and I think that it’s going to be so wonderful!

As a new teacher, I know that there are things I can improve upon and I went online to see if I could find some tips that I could apply to my kindergarten class for this year. While I was looking for that, I ran across the site I showed it to my roommates and after that I decided to change over my apartment’s internet access to one of the packages that I found on there.

I did pick up a few tips from some kindergarten teachers that also blog. That might be a neat thing for me to do, share my adventures as a teacher. That is at least the ones that are fit to share.


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