Austin’s leading cleaning and restoration services offers environmentally responsible and safe cleaning for pet stains

green cleaning servicesAs one of Austin’s many animal lovers, I must admit that I spend a large part of my day cleaning those endearing stains left by one of our many pets and beloved family members. Not only have I been unable to remove the offending pet stains, the odor seems to linger endlessly, no matter what  new environmentally responsible and safe cleaning product I try. What’s worse, I learned that the cleaning products and methods used by many “professional” Cleaning and Restoration Companies used specifically for removing pet stains and their associated odors are filled with harmful chemicals that I certainly don’t want my pets subjected to, much less my family.

Surprisingly, my search for information on green carpet cleaning tips and pet stains was not nearly as difficult as I initially anticipated. With all the environmental advocates and chemical free buzz these days, before  I knew it, I was reading about a carpet cleaning company called The Steam Team located right here in Austin that is quite  experienced with the environmentally responsible and safe removal of the stains left by our furry friends as well as the hard to get rid of odor that seems to be synonymous with any indoor pet.

All of The Steam Team’s “green” cleaning products are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, safe for pets and humans, and most products are made exclusively of all natural ingredients. This was my primary concern and the reason that I am sharing this post with Naturally Organic’s Blog. Check out their services, many helpful tips and their commitment to ethical and quality work by visiting their site:

Whether  you book a service or just check out some of their testimonials and FAQ, I think you will be as impressed as we were!

Please note: Naturally Organic Sleep may or may not generate income for links/ads placed on our blog. We take great pride in what we publish and would never intentionally publish material meant to be misleading or inaccurate.

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