Scrubs:The Latest in Fashion Fun:Not just for the Office Anymore!

Walk into to any medical office  these days and chances are you will find a stylish, fun group of medical professionals wearing the latest in “scrub” fashion that makes you forget why you are there. Whether you are undergoing a scheduled biopsy or having your teeth cleaned, the attire worn by the medical staff today is very different from the drab duds of yesteryear! I even have friends who buy scrubs as you would sweats, mix and match for fashion fun and style, in or away from your office!

One of our favorite online scrub treasure troves, where you can check out the absolute best selection of fashionable scrubs is at They carry a wide assortment for wen, women and children, in addition to the most adorable accessories that will amaze and impress. Let’s face it, going in for a medical procedure of any kind is not one’s favorite thing to do so the environment you are in will set the tone for how feel about the office and your experience in general. My advice: take care of yourself and smile wearing your own set of custom scrubs, life is too short to have anything but fun!

scrubs and a smile at BlueSky


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