The Italian Family

The article written by Landon Gilbert

My husband and I set a new year’s resolution this year to lose some weight. We’ve both been ignoring our creeping weight gain for the last few years and it’s time to step up and get healthy again. We’re both full blooded Italians, so it’s easy to understand how we got this way. Each meal revolves around mass quantities of pasta, bread and cheese: not exactly the healthiest options.

I started by using our WIRELESS INTERNET to look up some healthier, leaner recipes. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be! Turns out tomato sauce is naturally good for you, and whole wheat pasta tastes pretty much like white. We’ve made big changes in th! e amount we eat, too, and we’ve also started walking two miles every night after dinner. Not only is it good for our bodies, but it gives my husband and I time to reconnect and talk with each other. I’m really glad we’re making these changes and hope the rest of our family will follow suit when they see how good we look and feel!

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