NextGel Innovative Sleep Solution

We’re very excited to introduce you to this groundbreaking sleep technology.

Natura NextGel Mattress

NexGelTM an innovative sleep solution:

  • Gel technology is used in hospitals because of its gentle approach to pressure relief.
  • It’s temperature neutral, which means heat doesn’t affect firmness or support.
  • Free from motion transfer. If your partner rock and rolls the night away, you’ll be able to rest in peaceful oblivion.

But what really matters is how the mattress feels night after night after night. NexGelTM harnesses “smart” technology through the use of Ortho-GelTM to provide support where needed. But then it gets out of the way where it’s not.

The unique honeycomb structure of gel allows individual cells to buckle as weight is redistributed to surrounding chambers. The end result is cradling support that cushions and relieves stress on heavier and lighter parts of the body equally.

This intuitive pressure equalization means every person who lies on a NexGelTM mattress feels a sleep surface that’s customized to their unique shape and weight.

Made from food-grade mineral oil and elasotomers, Ortho-GelTM outlasts many other mattress materials. The molecular structure is often compared to human muscle tissue because it possesses similar elasticity and strength.

Cutaway View

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