Sleeplesss in San Francisco

Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Boric Acid? No wonder so many people have trouble sleeping…being eaten alive and poisoned by the very piece of furniture that has always brought you the greatest comfort! Your Bed.
Rock a bye baby, Nighty-Night, don’t let the bed-bugs bite…You get the picture. Am I over reacting here or are we getting mixed messages!?
Of course we all have insomnia. But-there is help my tossing and turning friends! A way to turn that tempting foam terror back into the tree top haven that you fondly remember-without spending thousands! Really.
It starts with how you look at it!
Gather together all that you hold dear, even that worn our teddy bear with one eye. Now, create your comfort zone! Can’t afford a new organic bed? Attach together a cotton and/or wool topper and comforter; Voila an organic sleep envelope that makes you feel “at home” anywhere…Add a few candles and soft music-now relax by tightening and then releasing every part of your entire body starting with your head and working down.
If you aren’t asleep by the time you get done, you will at least be tension free!
Let me know how it works!
Sweet Dreams to you all!

baby comfort

Sleep like a Baby?


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